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Double Your Farm Yields & Profits 2021-10-12


ay on day, week on week, every household world over needs food. For Africa, this opportunity has never been so timely. With an ever-increasing African population and land that remains underutilized over the years, only the bold are championing the ongoing revolution. Agriculture is oil yet to be struck. And we at Kilimoguru Ltd. are at the forefront of this wave. We are not selfish though, we want to help actualize and amplify your success in agriculture. You could be the one feeding these households. You could be the one utilizing your land better than your peers. You could be a trailblazer!

Imagine having real-time data on your farm conditions at the click of a button! Imagine being able to know when and where on your farm to take regulative action. Whether its adding water through irrigation, which fertilizers to apply where on your farm. Or knowing when its time to switch up or integrate the crops depending on your current farm conditions. Imagine understanding your farms soil pH levels and ultimately, the soils electrical conductivity. Being able to know specifically which part of your farm is more fertile than the other and the corrective action to take.

Kilimoguru Ltd., a startup agri-tech company based in Eldoret, does exactly this. With IoT-based technology installed in your farm, you are able to get real-time insights on various farm conditions and advise on the corrective action to take. Leveraging on the power of IoT and mobile coverage, you can access our farmers dashboard where you can view historical records of your farm, and track your farm yields, and sales. The most interesting thing is that you have the power to view your farm conditions as they occur, which helps you manage decisions more efficiently and timely.

Being our client means you receive analyzed, simple to implement data. You receive CUSTOMIZED recommendations for your farm to help you maximize production, and ultimately increase your profitability by up to 40%.

Think about exploiting and attaining the optimum yield level from your farm. Think about doing farming not just as a way of life but as a business. One that not only feeds thousands but also brings consistent income into your pockets. Imagine yourself being the consistent source of food for millions of people around the world while embracing technology.

We have a dynamic team of agronomists, engineers, programmers, and customer care agents whose sole purpose is to help you achieve your farming goals- increase yields and profits. You can be a first mover, miles ahead of your peers!


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