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Kilimo Guru is the Leading provider of smart solutions for agriculture. We work hand in hand with commercial small scale holder farmers to help them maximise their farm output. We believe data should be in the hands of every farmer, but even more important, we bring significance out of this data. Farmers can therefore achieve new levels of productivity and double the size of their income.

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Agricultural Insights

Through automated control of farm activities, we generate benefits to the farmer by aiding them with greater farming knowledge, faster decisions and greater return on their investment.

Soil Management

We help our farmers manage their farm inputs so that there is a favorable balance of essential components that support optimum plant growth and quality produce at reduced unit costs.

Farm Monitoring

We are leaders in farm monitoring solutions, Not only do we help farmers with the installation processes but also offer them with unparalleled experience to help them manage farm activities effectively.

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Reasons Why Choose Kilimoguru

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Launch of Kilimo Guru Website

Kilimo Guru is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website!Our goal is to provide our visitors with an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Why Choose Us


We provide you with real-time insights and notify you of any changes in your farm conditions as they occur enabling you to manage your farm activities effectively.

Value and Customer Support.

We measure a variety of farm parameters at low market rates. You are our first priority and we are always there offering you 24-hour customer support.

More than Just Insights

Kilimo Guru holds your hand as we walk with you at every step of the way to ensure you realise your farm’s full potential. This will boost your productivity upto 20%

By providing you with agricultural insights, you will have every information you need to help you cut costs, increase production and become more effective.


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